Wes Torgerson Notecards...
The Henry Lorentzen Replica Company is proud and happy to support the inspiring photography of Wes Torgerson.

Wes Torgerson, now residing obscurely in the Mojave Desert near Twentynine Palms, CA, is a native North Dakotan.  As a former longtime resident of Washburn, he often demonstrated an artistic talent for inventing imaginative compositions and for capturing moments of extraordinary beauty with his camera. Frequent subjects were family, friends, natural phenomena of landscape, season and lighting ~ surrealistic effects fired by creative inspiration.  Although inordinately modest and maddeningly self-effacing, Wes has earned the praise of many whose hearts have been stirred by his photographic genius.

The photographs in this collection were taken along the Missouri River of North Dakota near the Washburn area, circa 1950’s.  Wes’s brother, Terry, is pictured riding War Paint, the horse that was a gift to him from Henry Lorentzen, as mentioned  in Yvonne Lorentzen McGuire’s book, Daddy Was An Artist

Each note card will be a treasure to keep and a joy to send.
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